Cloning SONY Old to New Clone PC

Cloning SONY Old to New

Background: PC 1 is worn out, case, keyboard and screen no longer works. But SSD and CPU is fine.
Attach external monitor, mouse and keyboard when operating it.

PC 2 (pretty identical and much less used) has been purchased to take over

Please Quote to Simply
1) image backup of Source PC 1 to a Harddisk or Stick
2) image backup of Target PC 2
3) Use Source PC Image 1 to over write Target PC 2

Bonus. I believe there is (in addition to SSD) on PC2, also an additional mechanical Harddisk. If this is the case, after new image applied on PC 2, please configure for use as future separate disk drive (letter).

Source PC 1 - (Donor) - Click for large


TARGET PC 2 - Click for large
I realise Target PC is Windows 8 and Source PC is Windows 7.
I'd rather have Windows 7 but would like a backup image of the Target just the same.